East of Eden Rare Tracks Verne

DLP "Live in Zurich 1970"    Verne. VER 44, year: 2015, France  
LP 1/Side A*
1. Eight miles high 
2. Waterways  3. Nymphenburger
LP 1/Side B*
Ramadhan   2. Gum arabic/Confucius 3. Northern hemisphere
LP 2/Side A*
1. Band Introduction 2. Leaping beauties for Rudy/Marcus Junior
3. In the stable of Sphinx / Boehm constrictor /Bathers
LP 2/Side B*
1. Instrumental jig 2. Jig-a-jig  Bonus tracks** 3. Moth (live in Paris 1970)
4. In the stable of Sphinx /Bathers (live in Paris 1970)

LP contains: *- the recordings of the gig took place in Limmathaus, Zurich, 30. 01. 1970.  and **-recordings of the gig took place in La Taverne de L'Olympia, Paris, 11.06.1970 (TV Show, Pop Deux, ORTF). The tracks are the same as on others - Live in Zurich - releases, but quality sound is much better.  The Cover's photo was taken in gig at Friars, Ayleysbury, UK in 1969.
By the way, the orginal photo was taken
in gig in Limmathaus, Zurich, is in my collection
East of Eden Rare Tracks On Air

CD  "Live in Zurich 1970"      On the Air, Air 26, 03.12.2015, France            

1. Eight miles high 
2. Waterways  3. Nymphenburger  4. Ramadhan 
Gum arabic/Confucius 6. Northern hemisphere
7. Band Introduction 8. Leaping beauties for Rudy/Marcus Junior
9. In the stable of Sphinx / Boehm constrictor /Bathers
10. Instrumental jig 11. Jig-a-jig 

CD contains: *- the recordings of the gig took place in Limmathaus, Zurich, 30. 01. 1970. The tracks are the same as on others - Live in Zurich - releases, but quality sound is much better.  The Cover's photo was taken in gig at   La Taverne de L'Olympia. Paris in 11.06.1970
By the way, the orginal photo was taken
in gig in Limmathaus, Zurich, is in my collection








MP 3, Bootlegs, Varia - East of Eden and compilations

Part 1: MP 3

Psychodelic '60s Rare Tracks" 
          Purple Pyramid Records, US, MP3 format
          The Tracks appeaeared on the web- 01.02.2010 
East of Eden's song: "
Ballad of Harvey Key"" 




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Psychodelic Rare Tracks

Part  2: Bootlegs - LP, MC and CD

2CD Stamping Ground Włochy

2 CD "Stamping Ground Festival"
          Aulica, A 2102/1/2, 1990, Italy

The First release of unofficial recordings of the Stamping Ground Festival, Karlingen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, which was held on June, 26.06-28.1970. All later releases a (Armando, Akarma,  Gonzo) are based on this audio recordings. On the album cover the day of the Festival is incorrect (June, 29-30.)

East of Eden' songs : "
The Sun of East" (R.Caines-G.Nicholson)
                                "Irish Theme(Trad.)

East of Eden didn't play at this Festival, because the drummer suddenly fell ill.
"The Sun of East", in fact "No time" and "To Mrs V", and "Irish Theme", in fact "Traditional" or "Love you part-2, are songs taken from DLP "The Palms".

Stamping Ground Festival Armando Curcio Editore

CD "Stamping Ground Festival"
       Armando Curcio Editore, DIR-53, 1992, Italy
MC "
Stamping Ground Festival"
       Armando Curcio Editore, 53, 1992, Italy

CD and MC were integral part of  "Il Dizionario del Rock-miti di ierie edi oggi". Each volumne of the dicionary contains a magazine with CD or MC.  The notice of this publ;ication in the site Bootlegs is a bit problematic, because Armando Curcio E. has been on the market for many years .      Armando Curcio Editore

East of Eden's song
  "Irish Theme(East of Eden)

East of Eden didn't play at this Festival, because the drummer suddenly fell ill."Irish Theme, in fact "Traditional" or "Love you part-2", are taken from DLP "The Palms"

LP Sound of  East of Eden -Live

LP "East of Eden - Sound of East-Eden Live!"
       Hablabel, HBL 20102, 1989, Italy
       Licensed by United Fan Club

Side A   1. 
Xhorkham   2. Crazy Daddy
Side B   1. Nymphenburger 2. Irish Theme (Trad.)
All compositions written or arranged by East of Eden

The Record contains live recordings. On the album cover is wrong band's line-up: Arbus , Caines, Nicholson, Dufont, York. The correct band's line-up: Arbus, Allen, Jack, Roche.
Date and place of the gig is unknown. In my opinion, recordings from this LP are an abridged version of the recordings from DLP "The Palms" (1971)

DLP Palms East of Eden

DLP "The Palms"
       Eastern Music, 4-160 (Matrix: 4-16012 do 4-16014), year: 1971,   
       Issued in  Germany (?)-UK (?)-France (?)
       Produced in England

Side A   1. 
Mush  2. It would have blown my mind it I had a mind
Side B   1. Little room  2. The Sun of East
Side C   1. Everything is groovy  2. Acapulo Gold
Side D   1. Love you-Part1   2. Love you-Part 2
All titles closed copyrights. arr. Jay

The Records contains live recordings. On the album cover is no information regerding the date, venue and band's line-up. There are two concepts of the place and date of the gig:
1./Audimax, Hamburg. Germany, year:  1971  or 2./Norwich, England year: 1971.
In my opinion the band's line-up: D.
Arbus, J.Allen, D.Jack,  J.Roche.
The correct titles of the songs played by the band:
Nymphenburger, Ramadhan, Here comes the day, No time, To Mr V, Crazy Daisy, Nymphenburger, 
Jig a Jig, Jig a Jig reprise or Traditional.


CD Shadow Thing East of Eden

CD "Shadow Thing"
       Blue Cafe (Pickwick Music), Blue Cafe-13,  year:  unknown   
       Issued in Japan (?)     

Introduction   2. Northern Hemiphere-Jig-a-Jig   3. Nymphenberger
4. Traditional Music (incl "Drum solo")

The Gig took place in Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, on September, 4, 1971 as a part of the Zwei Tage Festival. The Band line-up: D.Arbus, J.Allen, D.Jack, J.Roche and as yet an unofficial member of the band - D.Weller.
The correct titles of the performed songs:  Introduction, Bradshaw the bison hunter, Nymphenberger, Jig a Jig There are two versions of pressing: 1./with a black label and the word -Blue 2./ with silver label and words - Pickwick Music.  

East of Eden Rare Tracks Verne

LP  "King of Siam. Rare Tracks (1968-1970)"
       Verne. VER 02, 13.02.2013, France        
       Coloured vinyl issued in red and white

Side A
King of Siam  2. Ballad of Harvey Kaye   3. Waterways (demo)
4. In the stable of Sphinx (demo)  5. Nymphenburger (take 1)
Side B
Biffin Bridge   2. Petite Fille   3. Blue Boar Blues  4. Eight Miles High
5. Jig-a-Jig (take 9)

LP contains the band's first single play and bonus from CD "Mercator Projected" (Eclectic, 2004) and CD "Snafu" (Esoteric, 2008).

Part  3:  unofficial - CDr, Wav, MP3

Live in Zurich East of Eden

2 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Live in Zurich 1970" or "Volkshaus Zurich 1970"

Primary source: recordings from private collectios
The tracks first appeared on www.bigozine2.com in  2007.  

The Recordings of the gig took place in Limmathaus, Zurich, Swiss in 30.01.1970.
Sometimes the venue is mistakenly mentioned as Hallenstadion or Volkshaus.


CD 1
Eight Miles High  2. Waterways   3. Introduction   4. Nymphenburger  
Ramadhan   6. Gum Arabic/Confucius   7. Introduction   8. Northern 

CD 2
Marcus Junior   2. In the stable of the Sphinx   3. Jig a Jig   4. Jig a Jig 


East of Eden Volkshaus Zurich 1970

Hallenstadion East of Eden

2 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Switzerland 1970" or  "Hallenstadion Zurich 1970"
Primary source: recordings from private collections.
The Tracks first appeared in 2007.      

The Recordings of the gig took place Limmathaus, Zurich, Swiss in 30.01.1970..
The Gig's venue is mistakenly named as Hallenstadion. The Tracks are identical
to on "Live in Zurich", but sound quality is much better.

East of Eden Live in Zurich 1970

Live in Zurich 1970

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Live in Zurich 1970

Primary source: recordings from private collections.
The Tracks first appeared in 2014. 

The Recordings of the gig took place in Limmathaus, Zurich, Swiss in 30.01.1970.
Orginal tracks from "Live in Zurich" (2007) has been mastered. Removed breaks between songs and announcements. Sound quality is very good.


CD 1
Eight Miles High  2. Waterways   3. Nymphenburger  4. Ramadhan  
Gum Arabic/Confucius   6. Northern Hemisphere

CD 2
Marcus Junior   2. In the stable of the Sphinx   3. Jig a Jig  

East of Eden Palms boot

East of Eden Palms

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Palms Boot, Audimax, Hamburg, 1970

Primary source: songs from DLP "Palms",  mastering.

First appeared in 2006 as "Palms Boot" 

Music identical to the recordings from DLP "The Palms".

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "East of Eden - Live"
2 LPs (DLP) "East of Eden - Live", Madenebe Records, No 0502, Year-2022
                     Limited Edition (200) - Argentina

Primary source: tracks from CDr " Palms Boot".
Music identical to recordings from DLP "Palms" and  CDr "Palms Boot".


Amougies Jazz Festival 1969 East of Eden

East of Eden Amougies Pop and Jazz Festival 1969

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Amougies Pop and Jazz Festival 1969
1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Amougies Pop and Jazz Festival  Mont De L'enclus,
                                           Amougies, Belgium, October 24-28, 1969

Pierwotne źródło: jest to zapis dźwiekowy z audycji radiowej wyemitowanej przez
Luxemburg RTL lub belgijską RTBF, opartej  na soudntracku z filmu  "European 
Music Revolution", maj 1970r., w reżyseri Jerome Laperrousaz

Po raz pierwszy w formie CDR/MP3/Net, ukazało się w 2004r. 
Materiał muzyczny identyczny na obu CDR

Film był mieszanką występów i muzyki, grup występujących na Amougies Festival.
East of Eden z utworami: 
Gum Arabic/Confucius (2), Leaping for Rudy/Marcus
 (5), Irish Blues * (6), Bathers (12)

nazwa Irish Blues zaczerpnięta z artykułu Paul Alessandriniego, jaki ukazał 
   się w piśmie Rock and Folk, nr 35, grudzień 1969. W rzeczywistości jest to  
   jedna z pierwszych wersji 


East of Eden Radio 1 in Concert 1970 and Top Gear

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net "East of Eden Radio 1 in Concert and Top Gear*
1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net "East of Eden BBC 1970**
1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net "East of Eden London BBC Top Gear 1970-04-06***

Primary source: the recordings of two different  radio programs; recorded for BBC
(detailed description, see below) 

It was first released in form of MP3/CDr/Net in 2008.
Music stuff is identical in both CDRs.

 The First two CDRs
* / ** consists of the two parts:

- the first CDR called  "
East of Eden Radio 1 in Concert" contains the following tracks::

Waterways", 2."Moth", 3."In the snow for a blow", 4."Xhorkham".
  In fact, the tracks are: 1."
Waterways", 2."Moth", 3."No time/To Mrs V"
  4. "

 The recordings are probably from the second half of 1970 (probably - Top Gear BBC1 /John Peel recorded on 11.08.1970 and radio broadcast on 12.09.1970 and rebroadcast on 21.11.1970) 
or in the first half of 1971. The band's line-up D.Arbus, D.Jack, J.Allen and A.Sneddon or J.Roche

- the second CDR called "
Top Gear" contains tracks:
  1. "
Sphinx" 2. "Jig-a-Jig" 3. "Nymphenberger"

  The recordings were made on 06.04.1970 at the BBC Broadcasting House, 
  Playhouse Studio, London for Johna Peel's Top Gear. The First broadcast was on
  18.04.1970 and rebroadcast on  11.07.1970.
  The band's line-up: D.Arbus, R.Caines, J.Allen, D.Jack, A.Sneddon

 The Third CDR
*** contains the following tracks: "Nymphenberger", "In the  stable of Sphinx", "Bathers", "In the stable of Sphinx".  The Recordings come from the second of broadcast of the Top Gear on 11.07.1970. The Man (J.Foulkner ?)  who recorded this program from the radio, for technical problems, recorded only part of  broadcast without "Jig-a-Jig".

East of Eden BBC 1970

East of Eden London BBC Top Gear


East of Eden Germany 1973

1 CDr  "Germany 1973" Crimson Records,  No.5706, Argentina,  year:  2012

Primary source: recordings from private collections, issued by Crimson Records Argentina, in 2012 

Recordings from gig: Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 25.10.1973.


English Introduction  2. Mrs.Green  3. What's Happening?  4. Kennington 
  5. (Bob Dylan) Cover  6. Sin City Girls  7. Joe O'Donnell's Jig
8. The Lady is a Tramp (improvisation) 9. Jig-a-Jig incl. drum solo 
10. Route 66   

The band's line-up listed on the cover: A.Read, G.Watt-Roy, M.Fisher, J.O'Donnell,
M.Bishop, J.Allen.

Correct data: 
-tracks: "
Introduction", "To Mrs V", "What's happening?", " Kennsington 
Cowboy", "Hey Zimmerman", "Sin City Girls", "O'Donnell Jigs / Lady is 
Tramp", "Jig-a-Jig /Drum solo", "Come on / Jig-a-Jig", "Route 66"

-Members: J.O'Donnell, J.Allen, M.Fisher, G.Watt-Roy


Records ,Vinyl, CD, CDR

CDr Crimson Records, Argentina, years 2012-2014

Primary source: recordings from private collections, issued by Crimson 
Records, online shop from Argentina..

In the assortment were:

- "
Live Festival Actuel (day five) Amougies, Belgium, October 28, 1969" 1 CDr
 (description see above)
-"Live at Sporthalle, Mannheim, West Germany, April 18,1971" 1CDr
 (see description below)
- "Palms-Unknown Show during 1972" 1 CDr (description see above)
-"Live at Hallenstation, Zurich, Switzerland, 1970" 2 CDr (description see above)
-"Various Artists-Now that's wahat I call obscure vol.5, unrealeased gems from
  BBC Archives 1968-1975" 1 CDr, East of Eden, others


Records ,Vinyl, CD, CDR

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Live at Sporthalle, Koln, Germany, 04.04.1970

Primary source: recordings from private collections.
This CDr has a secret, so I won't give it away correct information and I write only those that are  in the description this album :-).

1. Nymphenberger  2. No time  3. To Mrs V  4. Crazy Daisy 5. Ramadhan   
 Jig-a-Jig  7. Jam   


East of Eden Mannheim 1971

1 CDr / Wav / MP3 / Net  "Mannheim 1971

Primary source: recordings from private collections.
The Tracks first appeared in 2008
The Amateur recordings from gig at VFR Sporthalle, Mannheim, Germany, 18.04.1971

1. Crazy Daisy 2. Nymphenberger  3. Goodbye 4. No time / To Mrs V
5. Wonderfull feeling  6. Jig-a-Jig / Jam  7. Jig-a-Jig  

Members: D.Jack, J.Roche, D.Arbus, J.Allen


Part  4:   unofficial - varia - CDr, Wav, MP3

The Files in mp3 format are on the net. There are:
- 10 th National Jazz Festiwal, Plumpton, year: 1970, 20-minute live recordings 
(unfortunately, I never heard) 
- East of Eden - Live in Brussels, 1975  
(unfortunately, I never heard) 
- Boeblingen, Germany, 16.04.1971, live recordings, song:  Jig-a-Jig